Why I Fell For This Baby Clothing Brand During Lockdown

During more than a year of working from home, I spent more time in my pajamas than before. Believe me, with everything closed and hardly anyone to impress, I swapped my finest suits and high heels for comfy pants and leggings.

However, I do like to see my kids wear nice stuff. In fact, their wardrobe probably triples mine in value and I am happy with that. Lockdown means there is nowhere to go and that’s when I found myself in an extended period of shopping online for baby clothes and I fell for a brand without me knowing.

Why I Chose This Brand 

Just so you know, I won’t get paid for writing this review. So, what you are about to read is all about my personal experiences.

Now the story begins…

I have lived my life as a single mom of two for 4 years and online shopping has always been my thing because it’s fast and convenient. When the pandemic hit California last year, it became my boredom killer.

Honestly, you can find billions of different baby clothing brands out there if you start googling one. At first, I was on a quest to find some pajamas for my one-year-old daughter, Cindy, as she does love pajamas. That’s when I came across Baby Outlet, a brand that sells organic cotton clothes for babies and toddlers. I decided to order five separate items (I have to admit that was pretty risky). Below are the items I ordered:

  • 1x Tulle flying sleeves white romper
  • 1x Short sleeve jumpsuit
  • 1x Pink woolen long sleeve cardigan
  • 1x Letter printed solid long sleeve pocket jacket
  • 1x Pink & green dresses with bow

Product Experience

Pink Woolen Long Sleeve Cardigan

Cindy looks adorable in her long-sleeved cardigan

I came from Miami, Florida. In 2019, I had decided to move to California to take a new job and my first daughter, April just turned two at the time.

Summer in the Golden State really reminds me of home with beautiful beaches and lots of sunshine, however San Francisco is noted for being downright chilly. That’s why I need something thin but cozy enough to keep my little ones toasty and this cardigan definitely does that. I am glad that it has become Cindy’s favorite for chilly evenings or days out. It is soft and stretchy which makes her more comfortable without sacrificing style.

April in her pink dress

For her older sister, a cute dress with a bright color should come in handy when going out no matter the occasion. It’s also worthwhile mentioning that this dress is machine washable which is great for removing stains, especially on this light pink.

I had to ask for a return for this one because the first one I picked actually was the wrong size. I contacted them and they really helped me out without hesitation, which is something I appreciate during the hard time of Covid-19. I took the dress back to my local PO on Monday and the exchange came on Friday, which is pretty impressive.

Great Customer Service

BabyOutlet has been one of my favorites since lockdown. Doing things that kept me survive during the time of the pandemic. California is recovering rapidly from the outbreak that crippled its economy. I think it’s time to sit back and tell you why BabyOutlet is so special to me.

A little bit of background. Online shopping is convenient for moms and dads who don’t have time for in-store shopping. However, there are times when it becomes a cause of annoyance. In fact, you won’t be able to try on items If you buy them online. Even though most online stores have their size charts, they come up differently. So finding something that fits is not going to be easy.

In reality, if you order the wrong size online, you need to contact the seller and ask for a return. However, some stores do not accept returns or charge additional fees. In this case, it’s important to go for a reliable store with return policies.

Back to my story. I ended up ordering the wrong size while shopping for my little daughters at BabyOutlet. I ordered a medium-sized pink dress but it was a little tight and would not fit my baby girl. I contacted them for an exchange and they offered a free exchange with no fees. Also, their customer service helped me out in a caring and helpful manner.

What To Improve?

I love the items I ordered and it’s unlikely to find anything negative to say. Each item looks good and has quality fabrics. However, there is an exception to everything.

My only complaint is their delivery time. Though they said my order would arrive in 3-5 days, it actually took a whole week until I received it. But their customer support did call me and said the delay was due to the pandemic so it is not a big deal.

Taking everything into account, I’d definitely recommend checking out BabyOutlet. As Independence Day is around the corner, it’s time to stock up on some of American Flag t-shirts from them and enjoy the day. We are going to Lake Tahoe and I’ve heard the best time to camp there is July.

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