David Jones and Mike Dailly invented the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. It is an action-adventure game. Brothers Dan and Sam Houser, Leslie Benzies, and Aaron Garbut oversaw the development of later releases. It is primarily created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games, its parent company. The title of the series is “grand theft auto,” which is used in the United States to describe car theft.

The game takes place in an open setting in which the player can perform objectives to advance the general storyline as well as participate in a variety of side activities. The majority of the game consists of driving and shooting. The Grand Theft Auto games are set in fictional cities that are based on real-life places and take place at various intervals in time from the early 1960s through the 2010s. If you are a writer and willing to go for Gaming Write for us. The first game’s map included three cities: Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City, but subsequent games have tended to concentrate on a single location, usually one of the original three, but remodeled and enhanced.


The Grand Theft Auto series is divided into fictional realms, each of which is called after the dominant graphical capabilities employed in that era.

The “2D universe” includes the first Grand Theft Auto, its expansions, and its sequel. The “3D universe” refers to Grand Theft Auto III and its sequels. The “HD universe” consists of Grand Theft Auto IV, its expansions, and Grand Theft Auto V. Each universe is considered distinct, with only shared brands, place names, and background people.


Each game in this series allows the player to assume the role of a large city criminal, usually one who intends to advance through the ranks of organized crime during the course of play. Kingpins and prominent idols in the city underworld assign the player objectives that must be carried out in order to continue through the storyline. On a regular basis, homicides and other violent acts are portrayed. The game often contains taxi driving, street racing, and flying helicopters, etc.

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The Grand Theft Auto series belongs to the action-adventure game’s genre of free-roaming role-playing video games, which provide the player with a lot more freedom. Conventional videogames have a single-track set of stages with straightforward gameplay, but in Grand Theft Auto, the player decides which tasks to do, and their relationships with various characters shift as a result of their selections.

The police are conscious of criminal activity in Grand Theft Auto games. The player may acquire a “wanted level,” which is indicated by a maximum of five or six stars, as they conduct various in-game unlawful behaviors. A minor offense, such as running over a non-player character, may result in a one-star wanted status, whereas murdering an officer may result in more stars. The volume and intensity of the response increase with the increasing number of stars; a single star may result in a few police cars after the player, while 5 or 6 stars may result in tanks and attack helicopters pursuing the player.


The majority of Grand Theft Auto games are set in fictionalized replicas of well-known American cities in a series of time periods. The games are divided into three universes, each with its unique interpretation of previously recognized locations.


One of the three original cities in Grand Theft Auto is Liberty City, which is patterned based on New York City. It is the player’s first choice of location. Two landmasses (one huge in the southeast and one smaller in the northeast) and a Manhattan-like central island make up the metropolis; two smaller islands may be found along the river that connects the three main islands. The map also includes the adjacent state of New Guernsey (a spoof of New Jersey), which is located in the northwest corner. The boroughs of New York and New Jersey prompted the division of the four major islands into several districts.

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San Andreas is the next one under the three original cities in Grand Theft Auto and is modeled on San Francisco. It is the player’s second choice of setting. The territory consists of two mainlands: a huge northern section divided into fifteen districts that serve as the city’s heart, and a smaller island in the southeast with only one district that serves as the city’s port area. Aye Valley, which runs across the core of the area from east to west, further divides the northern continent.


The last one under the three original cities introduced in Grand Theft Auto is Vice City, which is patterned based on Miami. It is the player’s third option for a setting. The city is made up of a huge landmass divided into eight districts that make up the city’s center, as well as a smaller peninsula in the northeast called Vice Beach. Vice Metropolis, like its real-life counterpart, is a subtropical city with beaches and palm trees that set it apart from the other two in the game.


The Grand Theft Auto series has been a critical and commercial success since the release of Grand Theft Auto III in 2001. It is the fifth-best-selling video game franchise of all time, behind Nintendo’s Mario and Pokémon, Activision’s Call of Duty, and Tetris.

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