10 Best Virtual Award Ceremony Ideas

Virtual events are one of the significant achievements of digital technology. In the past two years, we have observed the shift of businesses, enterprises, and organizations in a virtual environment.

Having said this, there are various types of events hosted every day for different business requirements. The virtual award ceremony is one of the same kind that makes use of an online event platform to make it special for awardees while they get honored for their achievements.

These virtual shows cut down the expenses of hiring a physical venue, arranging meals and food, traveling costs, and hotel charges. So, you can simply choose the method of hosting an online award ceremony and make it highly interactive and worthy for people to attend.

To ensure that attendees find your event super exciting, let us help you with the 10 best virtual award ceremony ideas;

Select a notable host

A skillful speaker or artist is aware of techniques to draw more audience attention and keep them engaged. So, make sure to do your research and invite a noteworthy guest speaker who will conduct the event the way it has been planned. He would know when he needs to crack jokes, when to share insights, and when he should put emphasis on the event flow. Getting renowned speakers on board is also a great way to lure more participants. It will also help you show the valuable part of your virtual award ceremony.

Pre-decide the event format and show flow

The event flow plays a significant role in keeping the audience involved and making your award show more exciting. So, make sure to do this much before the main day and try circulating the same format with everyone, so each team member and attendee know about it. Several event planners forget to add the fun and entertaining part to their event, which often leads to event boredom. To avoid this, create an interesting event show flow, with icebreaker sessions, gamification, and other fun activities given equal weightage.

Live stream your virtual award ceremony

Today, live streaming is one of the best ways to reach a global audience at a quicker rate. Therefore, you should look for virtual event services that can practice social media live streaming. It is a great way to increase the count of viewers for your virtual award show. You can choose to opt for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to perform the event live streaming. It gives an excellent opportunity to individuals to attend your online award ceremony even if they missed being a part of it.

Design a creative 3D virtual stage

To create an impactful environment for your online event, try selecting an all-in-one platform that can include stunning 3D designs. Colorful designs, images, and graphics make your event more lively. You can also ask your platform provider to keep a thematic background and add sound effects to make the award ceremony more thrilling. Sound effects like hoot and clap can be played whenever an attendee receives an award.

Keep exciting award categories

Keeping different and unique award categories is an excellent method to keep your audience guessing and excited. You can discuss this with the panel of judges you’ll have at your event. It will arouse a sense of suspense and excitement among everyone.  Consider adding a live chat option or award categories with four optional choices. Then, let the audience go guessing with the right awardee name.

Keep the crowd engaged

Keeping the audience involved and hooked throughout the event is one of the most vital factors that can make your event a success. You can consider gamifying your award ceremony to add an entertaining element to it. Tic-tac-toe, word game, crosswords, temple run, spin the wheel are some of the top choices. You can also think of adding a leaderboard challenge that will award points to the participants based on their activities and games won. It will keep attendees engaged and this way they will spend maximum time on the platform.

Include a gala night

We remember how award shows used to be before the pandemic hit the world. So, with an aim to replicate the same experiences, you can have everyone join the dance floor. You can think of creating a playlist and playing songs during the event that will allow attendees to get a little casual and enjoy the moment. It is an award night, so, besides making this event a super engaging occasion, try including sessions where everyone will tune in to the same mood and have food and drinks together.

Leverage the right technology

We know everyone would be busy preparing for the event, but amidst all this, we need to ensure that our event is backed with top-notch technology. Make sure that your virtual award ceremony platform is 100% secure and trustworthy. This way, the attendees are relaxed that their data is safe and intact. Also, with things in place, do not forget to perform a dry-run or test rehearsal to avoid any glitches on the main day. Make sure to check the Internet connection and system compatibilities to eliminate system crashes.

Send exciting swag bags and giveaways

The award shows are meant to honor and appreciate your employees or the dedicated candidates. It is an award for their endeavors and attempts that contributed to the growth of the company. After the execution of a successful virtual award ceremony, do not forget to send memorable swag bags or keep exciting giveaways at the end of the show. Giveaways can be based on leaderboard challenges or lucky draws. It can also be for those people who did not receive an award but their efforts matter.

Final Thoughts

With these virtual award ceremony ideas, you’ll be able to host highly engaging and remarkable online shows that will be cherished by the audience in the times to come. Therefore, with these ideas handy, you should look for event solutions that can include these ideas, understand your business needs, and plan the event accordingly.

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