A Day in the Life of a Diggs Construction Worker

Working for a construction crew is not for everyone. It is hard, grueling work that can be monotonous and dangerous. There are days when the weather is hot, humid, or rainy and the work is even messier than usual because of it. Working conditions on a construction site can be far from ideal and there are no cushy offices with air conditioning or coffee machines to escape to when things get tough. Still, if you’re up for a challenge and thrive in an environment where time is money and every second counts, then working as a carpenter on a Diggs Construction site could be the perfect job for you. To learn more about what it takes to become part of our team at Diggs Construction check out our blog article here

What does a Diggs Construction worker do?

As with any job on a construction site, the daily tasks will vary depending on the needs of the crew and current work projects. However, no matter what your job duties are, there are certain qualities and skills that are necessary for all workers at Diggs Construction. These include physical strength and stamina, the ability to problem-solve, strong communication skills, and the ability to work well (and safely) as part of a team.

The job requires physical strength and stamina.

Construction work is physically demanding and requires workers to be in good shape. It is important to be able to lift heavy objects, such as bags of cement or roofing materials, and have endurance to work long hours in a variety of weather conditions. As with any job, being able to get through the day without getting injured is of paramount importance. Many construction workers suffer from one or more types of injury over the course of their careers. Construction workers who perform tasks involving heavy lifting, frequent bending, and excessive use of their arms and wrists, are at increased risk for musculoskeletal injury.

Workers must be able to bend, stoop, squat, and lift.

Being able to bend, stoop, squat, and lift is an important part of any construction job, even more so if you work as a carpenter on a Diggs Construction site. Carpenters often have to bend and stoop to cut and measure wood and carry materials from one place to another. When cutting materials, carpenters may have to squat if there is not enough room to stand with the materials in their hands. Squatting with materials may also be necessary if there is not enough light for carpenters to see clearly. Some carpenters also lift materials, such as bags of cement, to bring them to their work stations.

Constant communication is key.

As with any team-based job, communication is important at Diggs Construction. Projects can be complex, and different workers specialize in different tasks. As such, communication is key to ensure that everyone involved understands what is expected of them and that they are following proper safety procedures. Communication is also important when it comes to construction schedules and timelines. On-site managers and foremen will help to coordinate the flow of work, but other workers should understand what they need to be doing and when.


Construction work is demanding and dangerous, but it can also be rewarding and offer a sense of accomplishment that few other professions can. If you’re up for the challenge and thrive in an environment where time is money and every second counts, then working as a carpenter on a Diggs Construction site could be the perfect job for you.

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