8 Tips for Purchasing an Affordable Portable Projector for Business

Business owners can spend a lot of time at their desks, but it doesn’t have to be all work. Sometimes employees need a break from the computer. Or maybe they just want to watch a movie in English instead of German. Regardless, many business owners struggle with making their employees feel like they are being properly supported and get enough face time outside of work. The biggest challenge for most business owners is the high cost of an affordable projector. An affordable projector is any projector that costs more than $300. A great way to create a more productive environment and boost employee morale is by investing in an affordable projector for business. Here are some tips for purchasing an affordable portable projector for business:

Create a shared workspace for your employees

The most important aspect of purchasing an affordable projector for your business is creating a shared workspace. When employees all have their screens, they have the freedom to work at their desk space as they best see fit. This causes a lot of confusion and conflict, so it is best to provide a space where all employees can focus on the same tasks at once. If you have a conference room, conference room setup software, or breakout rooms, this can be a great way to bring the workspace together. If you don’t have the budget for a conference room or workspace, you still have options for creating a shared workspace. You can create a “studio” room where all employees can gather and work together. You can also provide screens in common areas such as break rooms or employee lounges where they can all gather to work.

Show more than just PowerPoint presentations

Purchasing an affordable projector can help you boost productivity and create a more engaging working environment. However, to get the most out of a projector, you need to use it to show more than just PowerPoint presentations. When most people think of a projector, they think of business presentations. However, it’s also a great way to show training videos, explain technology concepts, and train employees. If you have employees with different levels of experience, you can also use a projector to show more advanced training videos.

Keep working environments consistent

Purchasing an affordable projector for your business is a great way to create a shared workspace. When using a projector in a work environment, it’s important to keep the décor consistent. You don’t want to create a new visual style when traditional visual styles work just fine. You also don’t want to make everything black and white when a traditional color scheme works just fine. When keeping a consistent visual style, you also need to keep the projector consistent. If you purchase a projector with a screen that matches the wall, the screen will clash with the wall. You need to purchase a projector with a screen that matches the wall.

Don’t forget about video conferencing

As organizations grow, it is important to provide remote individuals with a way to connect with coworkers regularly. If you have remote employees, it is important to make sure you are using the right tools to support their work. The most popular tool for remote employees is virtual office software. Virtual office software is software that helps employees set up conference rooms and screen share between their computers and coworkers. The most popular virtual office tool is Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, or other group communication software. If you don’t have remote employees, you can use video conferencing software to connect with coworkers. There are a lot of free video conferencing tools available, including Skype, Google Hangouts, and Discord.

Microsoft Office and Google Docs & Slides integration

Businesses can benefit from integrating virtual office software with document sharing software such as Google Docs & Slides. Some virtual office tools have integrations with Google Docs & Slides, which allows employees to share presentations and collaborate on documents across teams. When integrating virtual office tools with document sharing tools, you also want to make sure to integrate with email and file management software. Many virtual office tools integrate with email and file-sharing services, but you’ll want to make sure to use the same email and file sharing software your business uses.


An affordable projector for your business provides an opportunity for employees to step away from the computer and focus on their job responsibilities. You can also use a projector to show advanced training videos, make training videos, and create shared workspaces. To get the most out of a projector, you need to create a shared workspace, show more than just PowerPoint presentations, keep visual styles consistent, and make sure the projector is consistent. If you don’t have the budget for a conference room, a workspace, or a projector, you can still use a projector to boost employee morale and create a more productive environment. Just make sure you keep visual styles consistent, create a shared workspace, and use the projector to show more than just PowerPoint presentations.

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