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How to Use MyCCPay to Manage Your Credit Card Payments

How to Use MyCCPay to Manage Your Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are an essential part of any business plan. Whether your company is just getting started or you’re an experienced leader, knowing how to manage your credit card payments will help you keep things on track and make sure that your team is working towards their goals. If you’ve read my earlier post on managing cash flow, this should come as no surprise – keeping tabs on your credit card spending will go a long way in keeping your business financially healthy. Keeping tabs on how much you spend can be tricky, especially if you have kids or other family members who use your card as well. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank if you can’t manage your credit card spending effectively.

Track Your Credit Card Spending Regularly

You might be familiar with the idea of tracking your spending using a credit card bill payoff or “recovery” method. This method involves keeping track of every dollar that you spend on your card and then using that money as a “recovery” if you fall behind on your payments. Some people also track their spending online through services like or Some of the best results come from regularly tracking your spending and then addressing the problem as soon as possible.

Register for a Free MyCCPay Account With Four-Digit Social Security Number

To register for a free MyCCPay account, you must first input your four-digit social security number. After you have registered, you will receive a temporary password. You must change this password right away. To change your password, go to the top menu and click on “privacy and settings.” You will be able to see your credit card list, which you can use to make purchases. After you have registered for an account, you can add or remove credit cards.

16-Digit Account Number And 4-Digit SSN

After registering for MyCCPay, you’ll need to reset your password. You can do this by visiting the official site and filling out a short form. You will need to provide your 16-digit account number, your four-digit SSN, and your postal code. Once you have entered these details, click the SUBMIT button. Your account will be reactivated and you can now complete all regulatory tasks and make relevant payments.

Avoid High-Cost Purchases

One of the best ways to avoid high-cost purchases is to use a cash-back credit card. These offer a small amount of money back when you make a certain amount on your card. This amount can range from $1 – $50, so it’s a great way to avoid expensive purchases when you’re not completely staffed. Some credit cards also offer a cash-back option if you make a certain amount on your card each month. Find out what your credit card has to offer and make sure that it’s suitable for your business.

Set Up A Pay Pal Account

If you have a large company or an organization that regularly uses a lot of credit cards, you may want to consider setting up a paypal account to manage all of your business transactions. This keeps track of all of your business transactions, including payments and accruals, and will help you avoid mistakes and cut down on the number of inquiries that you receive. You can also link your pay pal account to your bank account to help you stay in compliance with your financial institutions’ rules.

Don’t Use Your Card For Purchasing Games Or Videos

Playing games or watching videos on your mobile device while your card is swiping in the store can lead to you paying more than necessary. This is because game controllers, video game consoles, and other electronic devices come with memory cards that can hold a lot of data. If you don’t use these devices regularly, you might not think to clean them out regularly or back up important data online. This can lead to serious issues if you don’t keep regular backups of your information.

Determine What Is An Emergency And What Is A Regular Purchase

You should make an effort to nail down the details of your business’s routine so that you know what to expect when something unexpected happens. Even if you have an organization-wide emergency plan, it’s good to know what to expect on a daily basis so that you can be prepared. For example, if you operate a hair salon, you should know the routine for “no show” calls. If you don’t take payments, but your day includes runs to the grocery store and you miss a hair cut, you need to know what to expect so that you don’t get charged for “missing work.” You should also know the “trigger” that will cause you to pay your bills. Knowing how to handle your credit card payment will help you avoid financial ruin in the event of an emergency.

Build An Automated Payments System

If you have a collection of paid bills, it can be hard to keep track of which bills you need to pay in full. Having a payment system in place that automatically deducts money from your checking or savings account when a bill is due will help you stay on track and avoid paying late. PayPal’s “Pay With Confidence” feature is a great way to help you stay on track and avoid paying late. With this feature, you can set up a “payments protection plan” that automatically calls your bank or credit union when a bill is 30 days past due and you haven’t paid it. Your account will be automatically debited for the full amount.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to use myCCPay to manage your credit card payments, you’ll be well on your way to avoiding costly mistakes and keeping your business financially healthy.

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