How to Create an Amazing D2L BrightSpace for Your Business

Business growth is never ending and this is especially true for digital marketing companies. What was once a side hustle has turned into a full-time job. Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs and marketers are forced to adapt their strategies to accommodate the new realities of running a business. Keeping up with constantly changing trends and regulations is no easy feat, and even the best planners can miss the mark by weeks or months. For example, what seemed like a smart decision in the past to start a new business in an existing market may no longer be viable or prudent today. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from your mistakes and apply what you’ve learned from them to future endeavors. By looking back at past mistakes, understanding why they were made so as not to repeat them, and keeping perspective – you can successfully execute your future goals with much less stress and trepidation than before.

Start With a Plan

You can’t know in advance how your business will grow and develop. Your company will likely not only grow in popularity but get acquired and migrate to a taxable entity. In these situations, your expansion plans will change, and you may have to re-plan. This is why it’s critical to start your strategy for growth with a plan. A good strategy should outline your short and long-term growth objectives. In what way will your business positively impact its market? In what way will it not? How will you know the answers to these questions? You’ll know by taking a look at the revenue and profit projections for your company. You’ll want to make sure that your short and long-term growth objectives are realistic and achievable. If you end up realizing that your short-term growth objectives are unrealistic or that you were too ambitious in your long-term goals, you can simply start again from scratch. If not, you can use the lessons you’ve learned to create a better plan for the future.

Be Realistic About Your Industry

Just because you’re a marketing company doesn’t mean that you have to specialize in everything. You’ll likely be better suited to a specific niche within an industry. With that in mind, research your industry to determine what type of marketing services your company specializes in. For example, if your company specializes in digital marketing, you’d know a lot about SEO services. If the industry you’re in uses various digital or print marketing techniques, you may not know as much about PPC services, but you can still research the industry to determine what other marketing services are available. By taking this approach, you’ll be better prepared for any opportunities that are presented to you.

Define Your Target Audience

This is probably the most important decision you make when it comes to your business planning. It sets the stage for everything that will come next. What do you want your target audience to be like? What problems do they have? What are they looking for? What are they experiencing that you can solve or at least attempt to solve? This is the foundation for any marketing strategy and helps you define who you want to market to. Once you’ve defined who you want to market to, you can move on to setting objectives for your customers. Depending on the goals that you set for your customers, you can design a variety of different marketing strategies to achieve them. One of the more effective strategies that you can implement is cross-selling. Cross-selling is the practice of selling additional products or services to increase the value of one product or service that you’re already offering. Cross-selling can be anything from selling a product in association with another to selling your expert services in exchange for a fee. Cross-selling your expertise in various industries can be a great way to increase your revenue.

Test Your Tactics

It’s important to test your marketing tactics before you commit them to paper. It might be worth your while to hire a marketing agency or consultant to help you with this. Marketing agencies and consultants are always looking for new business and, generally speaking, are much more open to testing new ideas and concepts than you are. Marketing agencies and business consultants are usually more focused on guesswork and Prediction Markets (referral) than you are. What you should do is pick a few different marketing strategies and test them out. Try out different copywriting styles, and different ad copywriting techniques, and see what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback

Depending on how you’ve been running your business, you may not have much of a choice in the matter. You may have to sit down with your management and calmly and thoughtfully ask for feedback on your strategies and tactics. This may be a big step, but it’s the only real way to learn. If you don’t ask, you won’t learn. When you ask for feedback, don’t be afraid to beg for help. No one is perfect and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. If you’re having trouble getting your marketing strategy or tactics across to your customers, call your marketing agency or consultant and beg for help. If you have questions about how your advertising or marketing strategy is holding up, call your accountant or business lawyer and ask them for help.


Digital marketing can be a very lucrative and rewarding field, but it can also be challenging. It’s important to be realistic about your industry, define your audience, test your tactics, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Digital marketing is a constantly changing field and you never know what lies ahead.

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