Gle PixelBook 12in – The Most Perfect Tablet for Working from Home

When you think of a tablet, images of a book or work desk usually come to mind. The traditional form factor of a tablet is typically rectangular, with a detachable screen that allows for easy d-pending and browsing. While this may seem like it has everything to do with design and how you want it placed on your desk, the truth is that most people already have a plain desk (or wall, if you’re lucky) and prefer not to pay for something else. That’s why the debate continues about what is the perfect tablet for working from home. Should you get the Google PixelBook? Or should Google make another alternative? Wrong again! The Google PixelBook is one of the best work tablets around right now.

What is a Gle Pixelbook?

Well, first of all, let’s get this straight: we love tablets, period. We think they are the perfect thing to use as a way to stay in touch with everything that’s happening in the world, from our favorite social media platforms to our work email accounts. We love that it is available in different colors and with a variety of designs. And yet, for all of this excitement, let’s be honest, we are a bit confused about what the Google PixelBook can do. After all, the question is not ‘What is a Google Pixelbook?’ But rather, ‘What is a work tablet?’.

Google Pixelbook at its best: Light, thin and light-weight

We know what you’re thinking: ‘What can the Google Pixelbook be used for when there’s a heavier, heavier device sitting next to it?’. Well, the truth is that the Google Pixelbook is quite a lightweight work tablet, so you don’t have to stress about it weighing you down. It is about the lightness of a pro-level laptop, and even at 8” it isn’t that much heavier than that. It’s quite comfortable to use, and you can easily pick it up and move it around your desk without removing it from your grasp. It doesn’t have the bulk or bulkiness of a traditional laptop, which is perfect for working on the move. And for all that talk about being able to fit in your regular chair or sofa, the Google Pixelbook is quite small when in its entire volume-postal.

The Google Pixelbook at its worst: Stuck in the past

We get it: you have been waiting for this tablet to come out, and you are excited about its features and capabilities. Then, all of a sudden, the Google Pixelbook starts to look like the same old thing — or, at the very least, like it is not different enough to be a new thing. It is not the latest or greatest, it is not a replacement, it is simply another model in Google’s existing range. It is the same old Google brand — with a new name, a new icon, and a new look.

Final Words

If you love tablets, you will appreciate that this one is easy to review and understand. If you don’t, you should probably give it a try, because it is worth it. The Google Pixelbook is a workable work tablet that can be used as an everyday work table or as an office workstation. It has everything you need to function as a professional and is perfect for anyone who wants a workable workstation that can be used both at home and on the go. There is a wide range of different Android models out there, and since there are so many options, it can be hard to decide which one to get.

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