Portal Techonday: A Website Review of Portal

When Portal was released, it became an instant success. It was a game that re-defined the rules of gaming and how we interact with technology. The award-winning title caught the attention of many gamers in 2011 for its innovative new way of telling a story in video game form.

Today, Portal is still one of the most popular titles on Steam with over 10 million owners worldwide. Despite this success, there are many things that make Portal a less than ideal website to visit: slow loading speed and lack of features. That’s why we’ve decided to review Portal here at Tech Monday today, before making our final decision about whether or not this is worth visiting for our readers.

In this article, we will address where you can improve your Portals website and give it the polish it deserves, so you can have the best time playing this amazing game.

Portal Review

: Features, Navigation & Speed

If you’re looking for a website to visit while playing Portal, you will be very disappointed with what’s offered. The website is extremely slow and it doesn’t offer any features that would make the experience more enjoyable. In addition to this, there is no navigation bar or search function that would make exploring the site easy. These are all things that could be improved on when creating a website for an immensely popular game such as Portal.

The design of the website is nice and well-done, but it also adds another layer of complexity to navigating around. The lack of a navigation bar leaves users with little or no way of knowing where they are or where they need to go in order to find something specific on the site. This can make a complicated game like Portal even more difficult to navigate through than it already is without those extra layers of complications on top of everything else making it difficult for players to understand what they are supposed to do next.

The overall speed of the site is atrocious and only gets worse as you go down from the homepage. It takes five seconds just to load up the homepage which means if you’re trying to play while visiting an article like our review, you’ll need at least 20 seconds before your game loads up properly which makes this not worth even asking players to visit your site at all when they could just play on their computers instead.

Where do they need to improve?

Portal’s website is lacking in many areas. Some of the most important aspects of their website are the general navigation and company information. Although they do have an excellent company page that provides a lot of information about what Portal is, it lacks the most important features needed to make this website a success. The website has no search bar that allows you to search for specific games or developers, which means that if you want to find a particular game you’re looking for, you’ll need to type in the name and hope that it pops up.

Another big issue with Portal is their slow loading speed. This can lead to frustration for people when trying to navigate through the site and research games there. Additionally, some games on this website don’t even show up anymore because they’re out of stock or completely gone from the platform.

Without these improvements, Portal’s website is not up-to-date with its competitor’s websites, as well as other websites on Steam itself.

How can they improve?

In order to make Portal more user-friendly and beneficial for its users, Valve should update it with new features.

For starters, the game’s website needs a mobile option. This would be a helpful way of accessing content on the go and also a good way of staying in touch with fans while they’re away from their computers.

The website also needs better navigation options. If you don’t have a history of playing this game, navigating through all the different parts of the website can be challenging because there is no index of what is available on each page. The current system makes it difficult to find certain games and patches without first having to scroll down many pages.

Finally, Portal could use an update in design style. The design is outdated and not up to par with other websites at this time. Re-designing the website would help keep it updated with new trends in gaming design and give it an eye-catching appearance that will attract users that are interested in trying out this game for the first time or returning for another round.

If Valve does these things, their website will be more attractive to gamers and stay competitive with other games that are currently out on the market today.


The website design is great and the information is very easy to find. The only thing they need to work on is the navigation. They would also benefit from a better search function.

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